8:38pm 09-18-2022
Hello !!!!
Hoping you have a nice day. Hope everyone does. I'm kinda tired hrk
3:31pm 07-27-2022
in reply to oldfart, I am 17 and absolutely love these websites. they just are much more alive and personal and i think thats so cool
8:58pm 02-14-2022
I am having too much fun going through this ring. Reminds me of when I was growing up in the early 2000s. It's wild that so many people making sites like this are claiming to be in their early 20s (not sure that you are) I love your click-through adventure style site. I genuinely feel like I fell backwards through time. I'm going to have to put up my own old-style site soon. I never thought this type of web interaction would ever be popular again, even if it is a rather niche community.
5:57am 01-05-2022
WAVEBOY was here~
6:46pm 01-02-2022
I hate the demiurge
11:44am 01-02-2022
hi Yesterweb neighbor! Cool site!